We try to provide answers to all your questions.

Q: Is the service free?

A: Submitting a course is free but watching a course requires a payment (price varies).

Q: Can you earn money on here?

A: Yes. When a user purchases a course, the course creator gets 80% of the shares. Your total amount will be recorded in your dashboard.

Q: What courses can I submit?

A: You can submit any course as long as their appropriate to children.

Q: How do submit my course?

A: You simply fill in this form.

Q: What's the process of submitting a course?

A: The process is simple.

1. Make a course
You choose a course and create lecture video clips. The video clip should be long enough and good quality as possible. There's no limit on the number of lectures you can make for a course. The video clip should deliver a classroom environment to students such as standing in front of a camera and teach. If you think a particular course or lecture is best taught on a computer then you can record the screen using a software (a simple Google search will provide several good software). You also need a thumbnail image and a promotional video. Your thumbnail is a static image and promotional video should be an introduction to the course and explain about the course (e.g what is it? Who's suitable?). Your video should be avi or mp4 format.

2. Submit your course
Once you have made your video clips, you then need to submit your video clips to the platform. You need to be a member (click here to sign up) and you will need to provide information like the title of the course, background requirements, description, price etc...

3. We'll review it
Once a course is submitted, a member of staff will review it and see if it meets the necessary standard.

4. Course review
Once you have submitted your course to the platform. A member will review your course to make sure it meets the necessary standards. If so, your course will be live (you should also get an email confirming your course is live).

5. Gain income
For each purchase, you get a share and your total income is recorded in your dashboard. Your dashboard also shows which course has been purchased and when (in chronological order). You will be able to withdraw your income once you hit the threshold limit.

Q: How is payment done?

A: All payments are done through Paypal.